Le droit d’auteur, les licences et la propriété intellectuelle [Les ressources en français marquée en violet]


Basic information about copyright and licensing in the international arena:

Summary of basic copyright information provided by RightsDirect:

Explains why there is no such thing as “international copyright law” and gives links to international treaties governing copyright. Explains the difference between “moral” and “economic” rights (Anglo-American countries generally do not recognize moral rights) and gives basic information about which rights can be assigned or transferred. Explains what is meant by “exceptions and limitations” to copyright and what is meant by “public domain”; summarizes the concepts (dominant in the Anglo-American world) of “fair dealing” and “fair use.”


Summary of basic copyright information provided by World International Property Organization (WIPO):

Information fondamentale concernant le droit d’auteur fourni par l’Organisation mondiale de la propriété intellectuelle (WIPO) [FRANÇAIS]:


“WIPO Country Profiles” (allows you look up your country and find links to local resources and information about copyright protection for your country):


“WIPO Lex” (Search tool to look up national copyright and IP laws by country):

“WIPO Lex” (Outil de recherche pour les lois nationales sur la propriété intellectuelle (PI) par pays) [FRANÇAIS]:


WIPO initiative on “South-South Cooperation”:

Initiative de WIPO pour la Coopération Sud-Sud [FRANÇAIS]:


Information for photographers about copyright and licensing of photographs:

Carolyn E. Wright, “5 Things Photographers Can Do To Protect Their Images Online”

Article written by an attorney for photographers. Discusses five basic steps that a photographer can take to protect his or her images from copyright infringement when published online. Written for photographers working in the US, but many of these steps can be adapted to your country.


Carolyn E. Wright, “US Copyright Tips for International Photographers”

Article written by an attorney for photographers. Discusses when/whether a photographer who is not a US citizen should register copyright his/her photographs with the US Copyright Office, and the protections that are offered by registering.


Jeff Guyer, “Photo Licensing: A Look at the Basics”

Article written by a photographer for photographers. Explains “What exactly is a license and why is it important?” Provides a basic list of terms related to the licensing of photographs, such as “exclusive license,” “non-exclusive license,” and “unlimited use.”


Information on Creative Commons and open licensing tools:

Creative Commons is a non-profit organization that has developed a set of “open” copyright licenses and tools. Creative Commons licenses are designed to supplement traditional copyright law in the Internet age and in the digital environment. Creative Commons takes an approach to licensing that is inspired by the “open source” movement: by using a Creative Commons license, you allow people to use your work without paying for it, but while still respecting copyright.


Creative Commons “License Chooser” in English:


Explorer et sélectionner les licences Creative Commons [FRANÇAIS]: